Wendy Martinez


Galvanized by the world of Art, Music, Travel, Lust, Dreams and the crazed desire to explore the "beauty" through the eyes of the beholder.

As a consummate perfectionist, Wendy is always seeking to cultivate her craft. It drives her passion to master her technique and explore the world for inspiration and creativity. Influenced by Art and the local color from an early age, from some of the most prolific artists such a Frida Khalo to the evocative Juan Teotihuacán Pyramids. As a free spirit in a world divided by class, it taught her to see the world through several different lenses which nurtured her altruistic heart, tenacity and her unique point of view.

Wendy's transcending body of work and skill set has taken her "inner gypsy" on an evolutionary journey which lands her in Los Angeles to New York City for Fashion Week making herself privy to what's on trend with the runway and street style.

Wendy Martinez